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Rachel Maseko is the Director of her own baking company. Known to be the best in her country. She started baking in 2010 as a hobby but this fast grew into a well annoned bakery, baking hundreds of cakes per week. Getting 100% customer satisfation her bakery grew into what it is today.

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After years of baking Rachel decided to open a baking academy to teach people how to bake and decorate cakes. She creates cake artist everyday and she is proud of them. '' Why not spread my love of baking to the world she said''. So she decided to open online classes to teach a lot of people across the continents of the world how to bake.  I can never forget the people who taught me how to bake she said. I feel in love with baking and I want to do the same for others, why not a skill is something no one can take away from you. What Our aim  is to build self confidence in each student and create professionals even if you want to do it for family and friends. We want bake goods like moist cake, cookies and macaroons to be part of your life and not an expensive luxury that you buy in a shop or restaurant. .

Let us bake, why not, baking is therapy, I love it. Its who I am. I will not rest until I see half the world turning their kitchens into bakeries.

- Rachel Maseko 

My Focus


Rachel wants to help a lot of people around the world learn how to bake yummy cakes and treats and to start their own baking business. Nothing brings so much joy to my heart than to see people doing what they love. People who take our classes come without experience or knowledge, they just want to bake good delicious professionally looking goodies and that is were we come in and after our course we live them as professional bakers. 



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