Cake Baking Course
cake baking Course
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In this course I will be teaching you every thing you need to know about baking a cake from scratch and decorating it. We will be focusing on to main cakes, basic butter cream cake and moist dark chocolate cake. This cakes will be frosted with Butter icing which I will be teaching you how to make from scratch. In this lesson I will teach you how to make nice smooth creamy butter icing that will look spectacular on your cake. We will use this icing to frost our cakes and cupcake as well as learn how to color it and use it for piping our yummy final product.

Course outline

Baking vanilla cake

Baking moist dark chocolate cake.

Assembling our cakes

Making strawberry filling

Making chocolate dripping

Making fondant baby shoes

Making a fondant teddy bear which is a platform for all figurines

Making butter icing