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Cup Cake Baking For Beginners

Cupcakes are a joy to make, they a similar to cakes but come individually with icing on top. they come in different colors and are decorated using, fondant, butter icing, cream cheese icing, and many more. We will be Focusing on two types of cupcakes, Vanilla and red velvet. Our red velvet cup cakes will be using cream cheese frosting and our vanilla cupcakes we will be using butter cream frosting. After this course you should be able to bake the perfect moist cupcakes and frost them using a piping bag and nozzle.

Course outline

Baking vanilla cupcakes

Baking red velvet cupcakes

Making cream cheese frosting

Making vanilla butter icing

Coloring our icing using gel paste

Decorating our cupcakes using spinkles

Piping our cupcakes using different patterns.