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Learning the bases of baking can help you start on your master piece. Our courses teach you how to bake from scratch. Here are the outline of our courses and what is expected of you once you are are done with the class.

Baking Course For Beginners

How to bake a Vanilla cake from Scratch - In this lesson you will learn how to make a butter vanilla cake and a moist dark chocolate cake. The recipes I provide in my lessons are easy to make and cost efficient especially if you want to go commercial . They are home made and have customers coming for more.

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Children's Baking Course

How to teach Children how to bake from scratch - In this course we take your children on a step by step journey on how to become professional bakers at a young age. Our recipes are easy to make and are made easy for children to read and understand. It is never to early for your child to be in the kitchen so why not start now. 

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Healthy Baking Course

How to Make heathy, delicious and low calorie baker products without feeling the guilt. Health baking make you bake what you love and have the choice to put ingredient that will help you control what you eat. The recipes are easy to make a most of this products are found at your local health shop.

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Cake Baking Courses

In this lesson I will teach you how to Make the perfect red velvet cake using a secret ingredient. This will help you get your customers coming for more. After this lesson you should be able to bake any cake with easy and enjoy the outcome.

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Cup Cake Baking Course

Cupcakes are similar to cakes and a frosted with different kinds of frosting. The texture and flavor differ from cupcake to cupcake and our recipes cover a wide range of this recipes. Cupcake's always come with lined with a paper which make them easy to handle. 

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Wedding Cake Baking Course

A Wedding is a very special day in a persons life. In this lesson we will help you make outstanding wedding cake. With this course you will be able to  even make fondant covered cakes like super hero cakes and we will also learn how to make roses that we will use to decorate our cakes.

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