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How to create professional looking cakes at the comfort of your home with no stress. Baking is our passion, let us help you make your baking dream a reality. You can register anytime and our classes have step by step tutorials. You can browse our courses below and follow our pages.

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The Recipes We offer
Below are some of the recipes  we offer. Some of this recipes ,we will be making once you sign up for our online baking classes. Our course are good for beginners as well as professionals who are looking to expand their business. As long as you love Baking you will enjoy our classes.


10 Recipes


10 Recipes


10 Recipes


10 Recipes


10 Recipes

cake filling

10 Recipes


10 Recipes


10 Recipes
About Me
About Me
My name is Rachel Maseko, a Cake baker and Cake artist from Rachels Home Made. Baking has always been a passion of mine. I started baking as a profession in 2010  after I had my daughter. This pass time hobby fast became a small baking business which brought in lots of customer. Some of which wanted to learn how to bake my yummy treats. So I decided to open a baking academy which pushed my love for baking into next levels. What I aim for as a baker is to build self confidence in each student and create professional even if you want to do it for family and friends. I want bake goods like moist cake, cookies and macaroons to be part of your life and not an expensive luxury that you buy in a shop or restaurant. 

Being in the baking industry for so many and having so much experience has given me and idea of what frustrates people who love to bake but do know how to start. In our courses we will do teaching you the following: 

1.How to have Confidence and competence in using piping bags and nozzles. 2.How to read recipes, weigh ingredients correctly and use them to create delicious cakes muffins and biscuits. 3. How to make figurines and baby shoes using fondant. 4. How to make moist cakes, muffins and scones. 5. How to make different kind of frosting and icing. 6. How to make cookies with three basic ingredients and how to frost them using Royal icing. 6. How to make cupcakes and frost them with butter icing to make trending looks.7. How to pipe boarders for cakes and using them on our cakes. 

8. How to stack a cake and fill it with icing or home made fresh filling. 9. The understanding of all baking methods, and procedures. 10. how to make dripping and how to drop the cake with chocolate. 11. How to make chocolate decoration using chocolate molds. 12Practical skills to begin a career in a, bakery or any position where the skills are needed. 13. How to Bake and cover a wedding cake using fondant and decorating it. 14. How to make macaroons. 

As well as everything in-between. Put your newly learned baking terminology to good use and understand why your ingredients need to be at room temperature. In  our practical we learn how to bake this delicious cake and how to handle  moist texture at the end of it you will be assured that your mouth will be watering.

For The Love Of Baking
About Baking Classes
Rachels Baking classes is my pride and joy. I love to bake. My online classes have step by step tutorials and easy recipes for you to try wherever you are in the world. Even if you do not have experience in the baking industry our goal is to get you to a professional level as well as teach you about basic tools and ingredients you will need on your journey to becoming a cake artist.
Easy To Bake Vanilla Cake
Baking of basic vanilla cake


In this course we will learn how to bake a Basic Vanilla cake and how to make frosting  that will be the perfect complement for your cake. This cake is one of the simplest cakes you cake ever make and it will give you all the confidence you need on baking and frosting a cake like a pro. You should be able to know the different types of cakes and frosting . But mainly we will be concentrating on butter icing. The practical potion of this course will help you know how to bake this cake and how to make frosting, as well as stacking and decorating the cake.

Wedding Cake Baking Course
Baking and stacking a Wedding Cake

This course entails how to bake a wedding cake and the types of cakes that are suitable for weddings. Traditional wedding cakes usually coated and decorated with Fondant or plastic icing and are made out of fruit cake. The layers may be filled with frosting or any other fillings. Some of the fillings are in our recipe section which you can try. Modern wedding cakes are made with fresh ingredients and do not last long. I will be teaching you modern wedding cakes. It may be topped by decorations made from frosting, with edible flowers or fresh flowers even fresh fruits, or with other decorations. A layer cake can be a single cake, or it can be assembled to form a tiered cake. We will be focusing on tiered cakes.

Bake A Chocolate Dark Cake
Making Of Moist Dark Chocolate Cake


Have you ever made a moist dark chocolate cake that makes your guest come for more? Well do not fear our Basic Cake Course will show you how to Bake mouth watering, finger biting yummy chocolate cake. This delicate, almost wet cake, will leave you wanting more. We will also show you the difference between normal chocolate cake and Moist Dark Chocolate cake. Plus the ingredients need to make the cake. 

How To Pipe A Cake



This lesson is aimed at helping you frost/ice a cake like a pro. In this lesson you will know how to handle a piping bag. We will also do a few piping technics using different nozzles and see the effect they give you. It will help you identify different piping bags and nozzles and the design each nozzle provides. 

Popular Courses
List of Items

Below are a list of our popular courses that you can sign up for and get the training you need to become a professional baker even as a beginner.  

beginner Courses

The starter course covers every thing you need to know about starting a career as a cake artist. The step by step videos will help you achieve the best outcomes.  

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kids courses

Its never to early to teach our children to us their hand. Our kids classes are a hit and focus on teaching children basic cake baking and decorating as well as making cakecicles using melted chocolate.

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healthy courses

Our healthy course covers a wide range of cake muffin and cookie making. Have a yummy treat without feeling guilty. Most of the ingredients are found in local markets.

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Learn how to bake with confidence! This online baking course will equip you with theoretical and practical skills to give you the hype you need in the bakery world. 
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